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Real Soul Ventures LLC



📌136 4th St N Ste 201, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States

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  • Mentorship
    This will be done through personal development and business building coaching and strategizing.
  • Education
    By providing workshops & seminars, marketing & sales training, along with other relevant business tools and methodologies we will help businesses become more knowledgable, efficient, effective and profitable.
  • Networking
    Through relationship building we will expand visibility, improve and increase lead generation, and create valuable strategic partnerships.
  • Serving the Community
    As the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pinellas County we believe strongly in giving back. We will serve our community through scholarships, grants, programs & books, homeless project projects, building restoration and the Great American Teach-in.
  • Having Fun
    We believe in celebrating successes and accomplishments. That is why The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of pinellas County will celebrate the successes of our members and the community. We believe that relationships and bonds are best created in de-stressing social events that we will have throughout the year.
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